Finding an Employer

Finding a position as an apprentice is just like any other job search. Approach employers to express your interest in opportunities to work for them. Many employers hire helpers or labourers first, moving them into apprenticeship positions when they have proven themselves. Trade unions may also connect you with apprenticeship opportunities—contact them to find out about apprentice intakes.

Talking with people who are already employed in the trade for a good source of information about becoming a skilled tradesperson. Some apprentices find employers through family and friends. Another good place to meet potential contacts is through organizations such as trade unions, professional association or training institutions. Don’t forget to consider local employment offices, programs and agencies, especially those that specialize in trades-related training and employment. You may also want to consider approaching an employer or training instructor to ask for an informational interview. This is a great way to learn about job opportunities and connect with potential employers.

Apprentices job leads can also be found on major job boards, such as, Workopolis and Search using terms such as “trades,” “construction” and “manufacturing” or go to sections designed for jobs in these fields.