Career Influencers

Parents & Youth

More and more parents are encouraging their children to consider a career in the skilled trades. Young people may need more information about what options are available and want to learn more about these exciting career opportunities.

A Guide to Careers in the Skilled Trades

See for yourself why apprenticeship is a first-choice post-secondary option! This dynamic booklet [PDF] is a quick overview of skilled trades careers that highlights the benefits of apprenticeship as a post-secondary option and profiles young tradespeople and apprentices who are passionate about their career choice.

Relieving Exam Anxiety: Techniques for Apprentices

Many apprentices experience stress or anxiety before an exam. Get tips and techniques for coping with the physical and emotional symptoms in a series of tip sheets specifically for apprentices preparing for a Red Seal exam.


This guide [PDF] provides educators and career counsellors with the facts about skilled trades, and includes activities and lesson plans that will engage students, and get them thinking about pursuing apprenticeship as a first-choice pathway.

Resource Overview

This handy sheet offers quick reference and links to tools CAF-FCA has available to support educators who want to talk about apprenticeship and skilled trades careers.