There are many programs designed to support women, Indigenous people, immigrants to Canada and others who face barriers to training. If you need support, visit the Skilled Trades Network and search for programs in your area.

Cover: Youth + Jobs = Better Future
In 2017, CAF-FCA asked youth to share their views about opportunities and barriers to pursuing a career in the skilled trades. More than 200 young people shared experiences and proposed solutions regarding youth unemployment and career awareness at events across the country. A youth-driven employment strategy, Youth + Jobs = Better Future was developed. You can read about the barriers and challenges and proposed solutions identified by youth in the report here.
A recent survey by JobTalks revealed among other things that tradespeople are among the happiest workers in the country! Find out more about how satisfying and lucrative a skilled trades career can be by reading the full report or check out the Job Talks series of videos.